Materials Under Extreme Conditions Research lab

Sample and DAC preparation

Laser Drilling

Microscope built-in Micromanipulator 

laser driling2.png

ITable-top laser drilling and micromachining system used for  gaskets and preparing samples and sample environments for DAC experiments.  Ability to drill holes of <10 micrometers and of drilling non-conductive materials.  Enclosed as a Class-I laser for safe operation.

The system allows the direct handling of samples in the microscale. Integrated with a built-in Microscope connected with the PC allowing even inexperienced users to perform complicated and delicate procedures by just controlling a computer mouse.


Top Industrie DAC Gas Loader

Single-station glove box


Custom DAC gas loader. Operating pressure up to 3000 bar. Ability to load both inert (Ar, Ne, He) and corrosive (e.g. H2) gases. Ability to measure the pressure in-situ (Ruby marker) during loading. Remote control of the compressor on a touchable screen and pneumatic valves. Pressure sensor for automatic control of the compressor.

Single-station glove box,   continuously maintain a  high-purity inert gas environment with  less than 1ppm O2. Automatic control of: air pressure;  gas purification system;   regeneration  process of the gas purification system. Automatic prompt and alarm function; system control parameter setting; system parameter recording; system actuator working condition monitoring.



FA050880 Trinocular Stereo Microscope

tablet trinocular.png
digital 3d.png

FM3D0325U 360° 3D digital Microscope

Stereo Microscope with Touch-pad Screen

NIKON SMZ 18 trinocular stereo microscope with NIS-Elements analysis software

Probing techniques 

Raman Spectroscopy

HT400HB self-leveling optical platform.t

3x1.5m self-leveling optical platform


Shamrock 500i:

Aperture F/6.5, Focal length 500mm  Gratings Interchangeable indexed triple turret: 300, 600 and 1200 l/mm

Wavelength accuracy 0.04 nm Wavelength repeatability 10 pm

Resolution: 0.06nm


Twist: 457 nm,  50 mW

Fandango: 515 nm, 150 mW

Flamenco: 660 nm, 100 mW

Cobolt  (HÜBNER) ultra narrow  linewidth lasers


iDus 420/BEX2-DD

Back Illuminated

Deep Depletion CCD with anti-fringing

Extended range dual AR coating

Collaborations with Large-scale facilities 

Advanced Photon Source (ANL)


Advanced Light Source (LBNL)

Spallation Neutron Source (ORNL)